Museum of Science and Industry

57th Street and Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL
(773) 684-1414
Located 51.7 miles from Jellystone Park Chicago

One of the Most Popular Museums in the World

Museum Exhibit Highlights:   A WWII captured German submarine on the National Register of Historic Places. A working coal-mine shaft elevator from 1933. A cantilevered Boeing 727 that visitors can walk through. A 3,500-square-foot model railroad, one of the largest in the world. Exhibits on the brain and computer imaging that have garnered awards from the American Association of Museums. Whispering gallery - acoustically perfect room in "Communications". Baby-chick hatchery - fascinating live display of newborn chicks. Human heart model - nearly 20-foot-tall walk-through model. World's first permanent exhibit on AIDS/HIV. Collections contain approximately 50,000 Artifacts - many on loan from NASA. Apollo 8 Spacecraft - first manned spacecraft to orbit the Moon. Aurora 7 Mercury Spacecraft - one of the first manned spacecraft to orbit the Earth. Lunar Module Trainer - Apollo astronauts trained in this mock-up of the Lunar Lander. Piccard Stratosphere Gondola - set an altitude record in 1934. British Spitfire WWII Fighter Plane - one of only a few surviving Spitfires to have flown in the Battle of Britain. Texaco Racer Plane - broke Charles Lindbergh's transcontinental speed record in 1930. 999 Empire State Express steam locomotive - set a land speed record in 1893.Sears Motor Buggy antique car - sold in 1912 through Sears catalogue. Spirit of America Jet Car - set a land speed record in 1964. 1914 Ford Model T - one of the first mass produced car.

The Museum of Science and Industry, one of the most beloved and visited museums in the world, has origins that are tied to two great World's Fairs and to civic spirit and imagination of Chicago businessman Julius Rosenwald. Rosenwald, then Chairman of Sears Roebuck & Company, was inspired by a 1911 visit with his son to the Deutches Museum in Munich.

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