Activities - Daily

August 25-27 Bingo/Craft Fair/Garage Sale

B.I.N.G.O! Bingo, Bingo, Bingo!! We can't get enough of this classic game! We'll play Candy Bar Bingo, Junk Food Bingo, Prize Bingo, and Adult only Bingo all weekend long. Crafters wanted! We will also have crafters selling there beautiful work all around the park starting sat at 11am. As the saying goes "Your junk is someone else's treasure". So bring your treasures that you would like to sell because this weekend will also be garage sale weekend!! Kids we didn't forget about you, we will have games and activities all weekend for you!

September 1-4 Safari/Labor Day Weekend

The end of the summer is near, but were going to go out with a Roar! Get ready for a big safari weekend with some big events. Cold Blooded Creatures will be here again this year! Bubba can't wait to "smile" at all of you. We also have Traveling World of Reptiles to bring you some slimy creatures to help celebrate Labor Day! Look out as we will have a couple bags tournaments, talent show, and a family dodgeball tournament. Join in on some Bingo games, heyrides, tye dye, crafts, a DJ (both nights) and many more wild things to do!!

September 8-10 Sandwich Fair/Carnival Weekend

It's that time of year again! Yep you guessed it, the Sandwich Fair is up and running. Don't want to leave the park, you don't need to, we will have plenty of carnival games to do all weekend. Pin the tie on Yogi Bear™, Jellystone Park™ Buckets, Bingo, Coloring pages, Bubbles, and our famous sing along Heyrides!! Come to the store for a funnel cake or some mini corn dogs. We will have a movie at the Jellystone Theater™ on Friday and Saturday night.

September 15-17 Fall Festival

School started, leaves are falling, and Halloween is on its way. This weekend we will be celebrating Fall! Come join in on our fall activities. Dodgeball, heyrides, gaga ball, apple crafts, and anything that pertains to fall! Snuggle up with a blanket and watch a movie under the stars at our Jellystone Theater™ in the crisp fall air.

September 22-24 Halloween 1

Who's ready to be scared? This weekend will be spooktastic as we celebrate our Halloween Festivities. We will have a costume parade, costume contest, pumpkin carving/decorating contest, heyrides, Bingo, and yep! you guessed it trick or treating!! (bring lots of candy) When it gets dark and you're ready to be scared more, don't forget our Forest of Fear starts at 8pm on Saturday. (Tickets can be picked up in the office on Fri after 4pm and Saturday after 8am.) If the Forest of Fear is too scary, we will be spooking you with our not so scary family movie at the Rec Center. There will be a site judging contest between 9-10pm on Saturday night. Prizes will be awarded!

September 29- October 1 Halloween 2

Let the Haunting Continue!! We will have the same activities as Halloween 1 Weekend! Bingo, Costume Parade, Costume Contest, Trick or Treating (bring lots of candy), heyrides, Site Decorating Contest, pumpkin decorating/carving, and many more ghoulish things to do! Forest of Fear will start at 8pm on Saturday. You can start picking up your tickets on Friday night after 4pm. We will have a not so scary movie on Friday and Saturday night starting at 8pm in the Rec Center.

October 6-8 Halloween 3/Hibernation

Oh do we have a weekend for you!! We will have a lot of fun Halloween activities all weekend long! Costume contest, costume parade, Site decorating contest, heyrides, pumpkin decorating/carving contest, and everyone's favorite, trick or treating!! (bring a lot of candy) This is the final weekend for our Forest of Fear. Starts at 8pm on Saturday night. You can pick up your tickets starting at 4pm on Friday. Forest isn't for you? Then try our family Halloween movie in the Rec Center starting at 8pm. Sunday, we will open our Magic Pumpkin Patch($), so you can find your great pumpkin! On Monday, it will be time to send the bears off to sleep for the winter. The Bears will be going into hibernation, so join us for a final heyride for the season, as we say goodnight to the bears!!